Friday, November 5, 2010

Its good to be an NHL fan...

As I am sitting here with my morning coffee, I began to reflect a bit about my morning routine and how it now involves NHL on the Fly exclusively. I am not sure when SportsCenter "jumped the shark", but it sure has in my eyes. This is metaphorically important to me. I am so sick and tired of the diva crap about who tweeted what or what some spoiled brat athlete said about the catered food. You know what I care about? Who won the game. Hey, maybe even some analysis if you are feeling frisky. I could care less about the personality of athletes. What they do away from the bright lights doesn't matter to me unless its an actual crime that involves hard time.
In addition, I now find myself watching the NFL Network highlights on Sunday nights, because I feel there is actually more focus on the games and I don't have to deal with the "midget that does not know anything about football" (thanks Barry Bonds) protecting the shield on NBC. Getting back to the NHL, I have been so pleased with the changes they have made to On the Fly. The league was self-aware enough to realize the good 'ol Canadian boys should have a place on the show, but shouldn't dominate it. I am a big David Amber fan, so he is a big upgrade in my eyes. I do like that they are mixing up the co-hosts too to avoid monotony that was present last year. Kevin Weekes has made a great transition to the broadcast booth. I do like the other ex-players that appear as well, especially Bobby Holik. His broken English makes me think of Ahhhrnold Schwarzenegger (and dirty play).
In addition to On the Fly, the NHL network is upgrading its programs. The show "Oil Change" is DVR worthy. It has its dull moments, but its fun to get the insider look to an NHL front office. Hope they keep it going during the season. The Caps/Pens 24/7 should be good (I hope). This trend is good...I fully believe that the transition of Football as "America's Sport" from Baseball was greatly accelerated by NFL films and the insider look it gave Jane and John Doe to the NFL sideline and locker room (and continues to do). The NHL needs to bring the smell of used equipment and the pain of a playoff OT loss into North American living rooms.
Some may lament the slow death of the quintessential sports fan that is well versed in the "big 4" sports and was brought to us by SportsCenter. However, I see this fragmentation as good. I loathe MLB and the NBA, I can't fully explain why, nor am I going to try. As a busy adult, I don't want to be bogged down with highlights (or even worse drama) about sports I don't care about anymore. I have found that simplifying is important as I get older and busier. I want more depth about the NHL and the NFL. I want an option to aside from watching ESPN become the E! of televised sports.

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  1. I have to say that for me Sportcenter jumped the shark whenever it became obviously that they would push anything they had a business interest in (Arena Football and low level NBA games) over even the most interesting matchups in the NHL.