Thursday, October 21, 2010

What it is...

I want to begin by thanking Ern for allowing me to come on the blog to ramble about hockey. I want to give you an idea of what I hope to bring to the blog. Lets start with the easy stuff like my name. No I am not a schmuck about my job in higher education, but I am that guy that you talk to and think "man, only a college professor would think of some s**t like that". That's the deal.
My profile got the rest of the details. One important one is that I am displaced in what is best described as the "Bible Belt". This is relevant because I am going to bring the first Shootin' the Puck live blog on Saturday night from St. Louis @ the Scotttrade Center! I am really chompin' at the bit now because I could have had lower bowl seats in Nashville tonight for $20. But I made the adult decision with a child on the way. All I can think, I'd be on Second Avenue reveling in booze, bbq, and rock/country with all the other displaced 'Burghers after an unreal game.
I hope to bring some fresh perspectives and off the wall goodness. If this live blog does not happen on Saturday, this is probably what went down in East STL. Enjoy some classic Griswald.

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